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Studio B Video Clips

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Shep interviews Leigh Anne Tuohy Studio B March 8th,2010

Best in Show…Sadie the Scottish Terrior

Ole Miss Student Mascot Elections…Studio B February 23,2010



 Spanking Study

Fox News Radio

Leventhal Was Wrong

Possible Transit Strike Whine

Wise Man-Regarding the Atlantic City

Janice Dean the Weather Machine

BBQ-June 30th,2006

See You On You Tube

Smoking On the Rise

Best in Show-Feb.14th, 07

Playstation 3-Studio B October (?)

Where is she parked?- May 4th, 2007

Melinda Doolittle on Studio B

Shep’s Interview with Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig (Studio B 8/30)

Shep’s Airline Security Rant (10/18)

Shep interviewing Nick and George Clooney (4/27/06)

There May Be a Fire On This Floor…Next (Newsroom Studio B 7/26/07)

Three Way Tie. Good Grief- January 11th,2008

Soda Tax and E-Mail Rant

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders-January 22nd,2008 

Go Rebels Hotty Toddy Everybody-Studio B September 30th,08

Ice Cream and Depression-July 30th, 2008

Interviewing McCain from New Orleans-April 24th,2008

Tony Dungy Interview- Studio B January 29,2009

Shep Interviews John Madden-December 21st,2009

Michael Oher Interview Studio B April 23rd,2009

Shep Interviews Shaq

Manny From the Outfield Studio B

Studio B November 29th,2005 


Gulf Oil Spill Video Clips

Interviewing Philippe Cousteau, Jr regarding the Gulf Coast Oil Spill

Interviewing Jean-Michel Cousteau regarding the Gulf Coast Oil Spill


Skinnerville Video Clips

Shep’s Niece (Sadie Grace)

Celebrating the 7th birthday of the launching of the Fox Report

Save Marissa

Diane Sawyer

World’s Largest Cake-January 16,2006

From the Newsroom-February 27,2006

From the Newsroom-February 28,2006

Kill the Cat (Dog Cat Radio)

Pimp My Crib (Tricked Out Bedrooms)

We’re Taking Over-April 26,2006

Wacky Wedgie Madness

I’m gonna wear whatever the hell I feel like wearing…discussing the brown suit.-1/5/2007

Last I checked you were already married. Last I checked I’m happily divorced.- 1/19/2007

It’s a Dump- Skinnerville April 25th, 2007

Recipe For Disaster


Fox Report Video Clips 


On This Day-Fox Report September 13th, 99

Look Back at 10 Yrs of the Fox Report- September 14,09

The Cube-Fox Report May 1st,2009

Preview of the Preakness Mine That Bird- FR May 15th,2009 

The Skyline from Lady Liberty’s crown Fox Report-July 3rd,2009 

Fox Report Ending-January 20,2009 


Extra Shep Video Clips

Shep on Imus in the Morning (February 16th,2010)

Shep at the Cotton Bowl -January 2nd,2010

Ole Miss vs. Texas Tech Cotton Bowl Interview with Coach Nutt January 2, 2009 

Shep on The View- November 5th,2009

New Years Greeting

After Election Interview with O’Reilly-November 6th,08

Fox Report Promo

Fox Report Promo 2

We Are Fox News-(9 second promo)

Fox Report Promo-07

Before Gustav in New Orleans

Interviewing Harry Connick Jr.

O’Reilly Factor-Most Ridiculous

Reading the Headlines on Jane’s Show’s First Day 


Election Coverage Video Clips

Behind the Scenes Fox Report- January 7th,2008

Behind the Scenes Fox Report-January 6th,2008

Shep Interviewing Lynn Swann at the RNC-September 3rd,08

Shep Interviewing Bob Schieffer at the DNC-August 28th,08

Preview of the DEN America’s Election HQ-August 21st,2008

After Election Interview with O’Reilly-November 6th,08

Fashion 101 Inauguration Style-January 20th,2009



Mideast Conflict-July/August 2006

On the Scene of a Katyusha Strike

Surveying the Damage in Beruit Suburbs

On the Israeli/Lebanon border

Shep Visits an Israeli Airforce Base

Metula/Shep in Glasses

Funeral for a teenage girl

Israeli soliders returning back to Lebanon

Shep talks to soliders that have come back from Lebanon

Shep on the border as the Israeli troops prepare to go into Lebanon

Shep and Jennifer Griffin on an Israeli Base near the Israel-Lebanon Border

Interview with Gilad Shalit’s Father

Ducking From the Rockets

Scene in Israel After a Rocket Attack

Visiting a Bunker

Shep’s Interview with the Lebanon President (8/16)

On the Scene of a Rocket Attack

Interview with the Goldwasser Family 

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