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My thanks goes out to Ronda of the Shep Source for creating great graphics…thanks! Images on this site are doubly marked using Digimarc. By removing the bottom mark doesn’t remove all watermarks.

My Shep caps, video clips and articles date back from now to October of 2005. If anyone has anything they would love to see added to the site, please feel free to e-mail them to me. Items that have come off other sites will not be accepted. All items supplied for the site will be credited.

Please show courtesy and ask permisson before publishing any pictures elsewhere (on other websites). E-mail requests for pictures are always accepted. Some items, photos and video clips belong exclusively to Shepard Smith Online and their creators, Fox News Channel and Wire Image. Any requests to remove any item will be quickly honored.

This is a fan based website, therefore it’s unoffical. All comments and suggestions are welcome. Please e-mail me with any site ideas.This Unoffical Website and Photo Gallery is created, mantained and owned by Nicki (a.k.a. Sunshine).

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